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Role Play Rules

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Role Play Rules Empty Role Play Rules

Post by Arsyia Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:27 am

1. God Mod is instantly killing someone, instantly breaking a bone, controlling someones character, instant dodging and other god like stuff. That will not be allowed here since it is considered "cheating" in role play.

2. Power playing is being untouchable, having no weakness, controlling someones character and doing things that is impossible. This will not be allowed here. It is considered "cheating" in role play and makes it no fun.

3. Text talk is not allowed and can get someone in big trouble here. It is allowed ONLY in OOC. If found in role play you will get THREE warnings before being banned. Text talk can confuse people and it is annoying to some. If you cannot spell something then find a different word or do the best you can instead of going to text talk.

4. T here will be no cyber (sex rp) in public. If you wish to do that take it to a Side Chat or a Private Chat. If it is found on a public chat there will possibly be a ban for a week. This site is rated PG 13 and it is to stay that way

5. Speed is not allowed unless it is in fighting role play. We wish to make all of the main role playing areas fair and hopefully give everyone a chance to post.

6. Use your role play signs. Make sure it is clear when you are talking, when you are doing an action and when you are having a thought. Also, any type of role play is allowed here. This would include paragraph, sentence, and so on as long as it follows the role playing laws. Every member should be at least able to role play three sentences (verb, noun, and punctuation) and be able to follow group rp.

7. Wolf speak is allowed within Fatal Sins' chat, however do not get upset is someone asks about what the words mean. It is not encouraged to use wolf speak, but Fatal Sins encourages people to role play as they wish and have fun with it

8. Everyone has heard this saying before. 'Keep rp in rp." If someone hates you in rp, it is not personal. If you hate someone in rp, do not judge the person in real life. RP is NOT real, so do not treat it as something real. Have respect for the OOC people and do not take anything in the role playing personal. They are playing a character, just as you are. If something upsets you, talk it out. That also includes real life. Do not bring your real life issues or rivial feelings into the role playing towards a character. If you do not like them, then you need to give your character a reason to hate them in rp. You cannot just not like someone with no reason. Keep the two worlds seperate and just have fun.

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