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The Attack

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The Attack Empty The Attack

Post by Arsyia Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:15 am

Characters: Flora, Aiden, whoever else joins
Setting: On a moving island that is placed on a whale. (post explains more)
Who: Anyone
Plot: Whatever happens happens XD

The day was cold and dark now in Lucky Ones. The island had moved again it seemed towards the north. It would not snow which was a good thing because no one was ready for it. If the island moved any further to the ice caps maybe it would. It never moved that far though. It did not enjoy it and neither did the creatures that lived on it. Every creature, plant, life, animal, human, soul beast, reapers, everything was use to the quick climate changes. In fact, if the climate did not change once in awhile everything began to die off like it was being quickly destroyed. That only happened once. That was in the time of the Dust Bowl. It was a horrible time. Everyone was sick, dying, and most of all the lone soul beast and reapers were running insane. They collected more kills those years then they ever should have. It was everyone's nightmare...luckily it would never happen again. That was also the year the Soulers of the island found out that the giant island was on a huge whale that swims through the oceans, seas and other places it can get to. That was why the views and climates are always changing. What is strange is the animal never drives totally under the water. It stays at the top, swimming all the time. Now people just dive into the water and stab it if the creature does not move. However, anyone that has done this never came back. The water around the creature is to harsh. The divers had to go way to deep for comfort and ended up dead in the end. The water is shallow enough in the island part for a beach and even goes about 100 feet before it can get dangerous.

Then again, where ever someone goes if they go into deeper water it is dangerous. The difference here is that it can be worse because of the harsh waters by the whale.. It was amazing and harsh place to live, but it was worth it. One could be a soul keeper, have a company and live freely as one wished. No one would be able to ignore such things. Who would wish to? Well, almost everyone. There was Flora who wished a lot of things were different. A matter of fact she sometimes wished she was dead. By the beach now, staring off into the nightly waters she wished everything was npt what it seemed to be. She wished everything WAS what it seemed to be. She hated a lot of things at the moment. She was angry at Paris, Murrel, Aident, herself, and so many others that it burned deeply into her throat and heart. She never understood such feels, but she knew it was there and she knew it would never leave unless she forced it to.

The female was tall, blond hair slipping down her shoulders and : neck. It clung that like water had been poured over in order for it to keep its shape. The strands of hair hide the scar on her throat and the back of her neck, along with a few other light ones. She had gained many in her fighters due to her being a bounty hunter. Here, that was almost as good as the police. The bounty hunters hunted down stray soul beast, reapers, and crimals that police cannot hunt down. They were just not good enough for the job or their soul beast was to much at risk. Her and Aident were not. She was very careful, but over time she and her soul beast have been hurt. The money was good though. It got her and her sister through to the next weeks. She just hoped her sister did not find out what her real job was. Flora still went to school and even did some teaching to pull up the act of where she got the money from. She used it to pay for a place to live, food, clothing, and whatever else the brat wanted. She loved her, but she just could not get herself to let her sister know just how dangerous her job was. Not after both of them lost their parents and possibly the rest of the family.

They are loners and for all Flora cared will forever be. She hoped to find a lover one day though that could help her take care of her sister. She did not wish to be a bounty hunter forever. That would be reckless with how the world is turning out. Aiden was her good boy for now, but that would change one day. She would have another man in the house, another mouth to feed, another soul beast, another annoyance and then another possible heart break. However, if the money was good and got them somewhere better and kept them alive who cares right? The female moved forward as her black boots pushed deep into the soft stand, her jeans slipping down her thin waist in order to hand loosely on her ankles. Next was her tank top that was black as midnight. On top of that she had on a black cloak that clung to her in order to keep the heat in her body and against her skin. She did not wish to get cold. The hood of the cloak was lined with bear fur, dark and brown. She had that pulled up onto her head in order to keep the soft dizzle of morning off of her. On her hands were black ragged fingerless gloves, her weight held a brown leather belt with a sword, daggers and a few other things flipping on it. Then there was a chain from her jean pocket down onto her leather belt in a fashion statment it seemed. She wore three necklaces with golden chains. One was of a blue rose locket, another was a silver rose, and the last one was a red rose in circled with three blue roses. All of them were given to her by a beloved ex lover that ended up betraying her for someone he promised never to go back to. He broke every single promise and vow that day. She would never forget it and the broken heart would never leave.

She just hoped she did not show that. Flora ran her tongue slowly along her lips as she looked around with blue brillant eyes. They shined brightly, showing off the pride that only a lion could hold. Then there was the wicked smile and the thoughts of a fox that made her very pronouced in a ground. She was a clever one, but powerful as well. She did not back down from a fight, but knew when to escape like an owl. These character traits all came down into making her soul. The most dominate and the trait that shows the most was the fox. Therefore her soul beast Aiden took on that. Her soul beast was a male, showing that she was not a girly girl by any means. Which was good. No one took her lightly and no one thought low of her. She allowed that to rub off on Paris hopefully. Aiden slowly walked forward from behind his master, glancing around as he licked his lips slowly as if tasting blood there. He was a small dark red fox, with golden yellow eyes that made him look almost like a demon.

The creature looked up at his master, tilting his head he spoke. "what are you thinking about?" He whispered as his master began to walk forward. She wanted to touch the water, let it seep into her clothing and her shoes. Aiden followed without even needing to be asked to. She pushed herself into a sit by the shore line, feeling as it rushed forward, licking at her skin, clothing. her shoes and socks. The sand got into the fabric making her growl inward. It was going to be a bitch trying to get that crap out. Aiden was smarter then her. He jumped forward, changing in midair with a flash of silver lightening it seemed before he landed on her shoulder as a barn owl. She kissed his wing while the human hand slipped slowly along the feathers while she answered his question. "life my friend. I am worried something bad is about to happen, what happens to my sister if I die, what this island is coming to." She sighed, looking up at the stars she heard a lowly whisper from her beast. "we can only hope for the best." and with that they agreed.

That night the female had fallen asleep by the shore. The calming waves that crashed against the shore, the swirling of the wind that licked at her skin. The birds sang and the fish jumped in what seemed to be excitment of the now rising sun. It was a good place to rest. It felt good to be out in the wild. Most of all it was good to feel the freedom of the world. It was a good feeling, one of many things and for this girl she loved it. She hated being caged up. Most of all she hated being inside when she could be out and about. She did not like the heat though and did not like the freezing sun when it came to her shivering in her boots. It was a horrible feeling and one of annoyance. She would rather be inside when it came to such things as that. If she could help it she would simply pull on her fur coat. Sometimes it was enough and sometimes it was not. She had many different types of wants, likes and dislikes. It depended on her mood actually and weather she could stand it at the moment. She just knew one thing. She was very picky when it came to wheather, but she got what she got. She couldn't stand sometimes, but she couldn't change it.

The souler curled herself up slightly as she pulled her black cloak tighter against her body. She nuzzled her head against her stomach as she release a brush of air that made the sand stirr. She felt content there and Aiden could feel it. The red fox was curled up against her back, nuzzling into her neck once in awhile. Aiden hated the sand, but he enjoyed it all the same. The soul beast perked up his ears, looking around slowly while his nose twitched with the smell. Slowly he pushed herself up, tilting his head as he looked around. He thought he heard something however she found nothing...no..He pulled his lips back, showing off his fangs before a snap of anger came from him. The creature's hair stood up, showing the black coloring under the red fur. His tail whipped behind the small body while something came into view. It was a wolf and a huge one at that. The wolf was a soul beast, but strangly its eyes were a bright demonic red. The wolf smelled the ground, looking around slowly and then turning towards Aiden and his master. Aiden barked loudly, bringing the rogue's attenson back to him.

Once doing this they began to snarl at one another. Both considering to attack first and then thing better of it...Aiden had everything to lose though. This wolf did not. What if Aiden was hurt? What if he was killed? The fox could not risk it, but he could not leave his master here alone either. That is worse then dieing. He would be leaving her to her doom. No, he would be leaving her here for her doom and most likely death. It hurt a lot for a soul to go to far. It hurt the soul and for the human if they seperated because the soul was the human's life sourse. they were apart of them. Sometimes a soul could die and the human lived. Those humans most time ended up doing sucid though. They were never happy, always in pain, unable to sleep or eat, they were depressed. It was a horrible life not to have a soul. While they could find some happiness it was like a part of them had been ripped away, torn to bits and thrown away into the unknown world of death. It was a horrible way to go. The red fox did not wish for his own master to go that way. He loved her to much and he wished for her happiness in anyway he could bring her. Now that he had to think of the choices of fighting or not. The soul beast rolled his shoulders and then kicked off his hinds. Who cares what happens? He needed to protect his master. The fox bolted, running from his master in hope that the rogue would follow him. The wolf did. The rogue whipped around and bolted towards the small fox. His grey and white coat flying behind him as he ran. Aiden looked back at Flora, whinning deep in his throat and then turning away. He liked to run, He enjoyed running and running until his heart was about to brust. He wanted to just run until everything about him was screaming to stop. For a soul beast of endurance he could run for days and never feel a single burn in his legs.

Plus, then there was the compounded power from his master. Only thing he did not think of is Flora feeling her soul beast being in trouble. In fact he did not even think of the fact that she would do something stupid. The red fox jumped forward, changing with a blast of silver glow and then landed as a huge golden pelted lion. This mane was a brown and a black, showing off his power and pride. The lion whipped around, his yellow eyes bright and ferice as he parted his lips. Once the lion did this he saw that his master on gotten up. He was not off the beach, but rather simply moved them out of ear shot. He was standing close enough to see his master and now he knew that was a mistake. She was reckless, stupid at times and Aiden knew she would do anything for him. She would even die for him and he hated her for that. What if she ended up dead? No, that would not matter because he would die if she did. If he died it would mean a painful death for her. If she died he could possibly turn into a monster or he would die painfully.

Eitherway he wished for her to stay out of the fighting and let him do it. It gave him a strange protective and successful feeling when he did so. It made him feel like he did something right. He could not stand the sight if that girl got into it. Most of all the wolf rogue had looked around at the idoitic girl. The lion pulled back his lips in order to show off the yellow and bloody fangs that had showed off his kills over the years. Most of them was from protecting Arsyia or even so much as hunting with her. The lion parted his maw, showing off the roll of teeth. He put on foot forward and then another foot back. The creature then released a loud roar that shook the earth around them. The tail of the large beast curled up, moving so the tip of the fluff touched the back of the big cat. The ears of the beast curled back, touching the skull and then the lion pushed up onto his hind legs. Aiden threw his body downwards, slamming the large paws hard onto the ground. The wolf turned back to Aiden. He snarled, snapping at the air before the wolf bolted towards the lion. Aiden did not hesitant whatsoever.

The lion jumped sideways, allowing the wolf to jump past her. The lion snarled, slashing at the creature and then he moved to snap his fangs into the hip of the wolf. The wolf whipped around, snapping harshly at the lion. However, he jumped back. Aiden stayed out of reach of the tooth and claws. In fact he stayed out of reach of everything that came towards him. "Aiden!" Flora yelled, shaking the sand and the world around them. She had unsheathed a dagger from her belt while the wolf turned towards her. The creature jumped towards Flora, beginning to run towards her. The lion jumped onto the wolf's back then while his claws came loose. The nails ripped downwards into the skin, tearing away the flesh and fur which made the rongue sprit to cry out in pain. The wolf whipped around to sink his fangs into Aiden's throat making him yelp and snarl lowly. That was when he heard Flora cry out. He saw her fall onto her knees, gripping was not really there. Blood was slipping from her throat where the fangs in his own was. He needed to get this thing off. The lion threw his head downwards, slamming the wolf's head hard into the sand. The sand went up in the air as dust, causing it to blind them both while he twisted his head for force a release. Once he did this he rolled off, stood up and ripped his front claws into the wolf's stomach.

The wolf yelped in pain, kicking out his back feet and moving to snap at the lion's shoulder. Although he was close Aiden did not allow him to have the chance. Instead the lion changed into a barn owl. The teeth slipped off of him, missing greatly as he tood flight. The talens of Aiden slashed at the wolf's face, making it yelp and slash its claw while the ragging fangs snapped at the small legs of the other beast. Aiden flapped harder, moving out of reach and then shifting again to land as a lion, his fighting form. Aiden turned around, looking at wolf and then glancing back at his beloved master. He saw that she was up again, but bleeding badly. No, not that bad it just seemed like it. His own was not as bad as it seemed. The two snarled at each other, Arsyia moving closer in order to help her beloved soul. Aiden turned from the souler, beginning to circle the wolf as he snarled deep in his throat.. The lion's teeth flashed in the rising sun, making them only look deadlier and his form to look like a god. He liked to think he was, but trufully he was not. He was simply a lion looking to protect his beloved friend. He stepped forward, getting a snap or two from the wolf. The beast kept moving, trying to push Aiden closer to Arsyia.

No, that was not happening. Aiden lunged forward, snapping onto the head of the black creature. The wolf yelped, rearing on its back legs. Aiden followed, ripping his much larger paws into the stomach of the wolf. The wolf slashed back, but the wolf's claws were to dull to do any damage. There was some small stings and powerful pushs, but Aiden was very powerful and held him off. Arsyia did not even seem to feel the attacks and when she was close enough threw a knife forward at the rogue. The wolf yelped as the dagger hit home in his side. He looked over, snarling and then throwing his body side ways to slam Aiden hard into the ground. Aiden roared against the sand getting into his eyes. The wolf twisted his head free, looking up as Arsyia shook away the headache coming up and the now sore head. She clenched her jaws tightly shut as she watched as the wolf leaped towards her. She reached down for another dagger, but it was to late.

With a thud she slammed onto the ground. She screamed as claws ripped down her arms, ripping into her flesh. She curled up her toes, pain ripping through her so intensly as the claws periced her stomach as well. She slowly forced her eyes open to look up at the wolf...That was her first mistake. The wolf leaned his head down close, opening his maw as a grin slipped onto his lips. A roll of fangs could be seen now, blood dripping down them from the attack on her soul beast. Arsyia stiffened up then as he leaned close so that his panting tongue almost touched her face. The rotten smell of fish and eggs came into the air, making her flinch away, but there was no where to go. Drool slipped down the tongue of the wolf, falling onto his cheek while the lips pulled back into a deep snarl. There was a whip of his tail and then he threw himself downwards to snap his fangs deep into her already bleeding throat. Flora clenched her eyes, waiting for it and then....the weight was gone. She looked up at Aiden as he tore his fangs deep into the flesh of the wolf. "YOU WILL NOT HURT MY SOULER!!!!!" He roared so loud that it echoed off the trees, the ground, the sky, everywhere it echoed back-

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